Cabinas GSM



GSM, PSTN mix access type.

Industrial wireless module.

Support data communication by SMS/GPRS and PSTN.

Support external Display.

Suppor billsor report printing.

2pcs LCD.

Backup battery.

Black, Gray and Argentine housing for option.


Connect to PSTN and GSM line in the same billing meter.

Routing to a better solution automatically. Software can judge telephone N° dialed and choose a cheaper port intelligently.

Remote Centralized Management by PSTN or Wireless means for option.


Automatically select cheaper network between GSM and PSTN according to innerrouter table.

1000 outgoing/incoming bills record. Include date, time, phone number, duration, sum.

Record the last 32 days total report and the last 12 months total report.

Supports DTMF/PULSE (optional) dialing.

Automatically self-examination parameters and tariff after turned on to ensure correct charging.

Support serial cable and SMS or PSTN modem communication with management system.

Support updating of parameters, tariff over network.

Support print-out of bills and report records by connected printer.

Support five kinds of charge signals: polar-reverse, 16/12KHz pulsening al/optional), voice (or push to talk), manually and delay automatically charge for PSTN line. GSM line only use inpolar-reverse mode.

Can add, modify and delete the tariff rates by manual.

Corresponding tariff and discount rate can be switched timely in the process of charging.

Holidats can be set and separate charging plan can be implemented.


Display: 2pcs LCD with backlight.

Access: GSM 900/1800MHz, 850MHz, 850/1900MHz.

Antenna: Exterior antenna, interface is TNC.

Data Communication: GSM: SMS or GPRS (optional), or PSTN modem (optional).

Receive Sensitivity: < -100dBm

Records: 1000 outgoing/incoming bills record, include rate, time, phone number, duration, sum. Route nunbers list: 800 entires.

Power: Input 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz. Output 12VDC, 1000mA.

Battery: 1200 mAh rechargeable NiH-battery, can sustain up 24 hours stand-by time and 2 hours talking time.

Dimensions: High: 90mm, Width: 165mm,Depth: 215mm.

Weight: 1Kg.


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